Shop Floor Control
   Master Data
         Define Order Types
         Define order type-dependent parameters
         Define status profile
         Define selection profiles
         Define overview variants for object overview
         Define number ranges for orders
         Define number ranges for confirmations
         Define number ranges for reservations
         Define number ranges for operations
         Define number ranges for capacity requirements
      Routing Data
         Define control key
         Define wage group
         Define suitability
         Define User Fields
      Bill of Material
         Define item categories
         Define variable-size item formulas
      Production Resources/Tools
         Define PRT control keys
            Define formula parameters
            Define formulas
      Trigger Point
         Define (standard) trigger point usage
         Define group for standard trigger points
         Workflow for trigger points in the production order
      Define production scheduling profile
      Define production scheduler
      Define matchcode
      Task List Selection
         Define User Selection
         Select Automatically
         Define Default Values
      Bill of Material Selection
         Define Priorities for BOM Usages
         Define Applications
         Define Alternative Determination for Multiple BOMs
         Define Alternative Determination for Production
      Availability Check
         Define Checking Group
         Define Checking Rule
         Define Scope of Check
         Define Checking Control
         Define Checking Rule for Backorder Processing
      Stock and Batch Determination for Goods Movement
         Define Scheduling Parameters for Production Orders
         Specify Scheduling Type
         Define Time Units
         Define Formula Parameters
         Define Formulas
         Define Standard Value Keys
         Define Key for Performance Efficiency Rate
         Define Scheduling Margin Key
         Define Move Time Matrix
         Define Reduction Strategies
      Capacity Requirements Planning
         Define Capacity Categories
         Determine Capacity Planner
         Define Shift Sequence
         Define Formula Parameters
      Change Management for Production Orders (OCM)
         Define Overall Change Profile
         Define Change Profile
         Define Confirmation Parameters
         Confirmation Parameters for Collective Confirmation/Fast Entry
         Single Screen Entry
            Define Single Screen Entry
            Maintain Language-Dependent Texts
         Define Time for Confirmation Processes
         Define Paralleling Type for Confirmation Processes
         Define Reasons for Variances
         Define Field Selection for Confirmation
         Define List Layout
         PDC Data Transfer
            Define Communication Parameters
            Schedule Background Jobs for CC2
            Schedule Background Jobs for CC2
      Define Print Control
      Schedule Background Jobs
         Create with Planned Orders
         Process Print Flags
         Background Print
         Process Requests for Mass Processing
         Determine Production Order Progress
         Confirmation: Componentized Processes (GR, GI, HR, Actuals)
         Confirmation: Fast Entry Requests
         Set Deletion Flag/Indicator
         OCM: Initiating Object Processing
         OCM: Procurement Element Processing
      Define Valuation of Goods Received
      Determine Movement Types
      Define Account Assignment Cat. & Doc. Type for Requisitions
      Order Costing
         Define Costing Types
         Define Valuation Variants
         Define Costing Variants
         Define Overhead Groups
         Define Overhead Surcharges
         Define Origin Groups
      Define Settlement
   Screen Control
      Define User-Specific Tab Pages
         Define Operation Detail Screens
      Component Input Facility
         Determine Screen Sequence
      Define Filter Criteria for Components
      Define Sort Criteria for Components
   Information System
      Define Profile for Order Information System
      Define Profiles for Picking Lists
      Define Profiles for Missing Parts Information System
      Define Profile for Missing Parts List
      Define Profile for Documented Goods Movements
      Profile for Order Progress Report
         Define Overall Profiles
         Define Profiles for Displayed Fields
      Workflow for trigger points in the production order
      Purchase Order Changes
      Production Order Phases
      Production Order Changes
      Variances in Confirmations
   System Modifications
      Define System Message Attributes
      Enhancements for Order Maintenance
         Enhancements for Document Integration
            Additional Attributes for Document Links
            Generate Document Links From Master Data
            Additional Checks When Processing Document Links Online
         Enhancement when Creating an Order
         Enhancement During Order Release
         Enhancement when Saving an Order
         Enhancement when Saving an Order (Header Fields)
         Enhancement for the Display/Change of Order Header Data
         Check Changes to the Production Order Header
         Checks Changes to Order Operations
         Enhancement for Setting of Deletion Flag/ Deletion Indicator
         Enhancement on Changes to Assembly Orders
         Enhancement for Formatting the Status Line
         Enhancement in the Adding and Changing of Components
         Enhancement for Storage Location Determination/Backflushing
         Enhancement for Purchase Requisitions with External Processing
         Enhancement for Purchase Requisitions with External Procurement
      Enhancements for Order Change Management (OCM)
         Check Conflict for Change Step
         Definition of Comparison Fields for Order Comparison
      Enhancements for Goods Movements
         Deactivation of Menu Entries and Function Codes
      Enhancements for Order Confirmation
         Deactivation of Functions for a Confirmation
         Setting Customer Specific Default Values
         Customer Specific Input Checks Without Changes
         Customer Specific Checks After Operation Selection
         Customer Specific Input Checks with Changes
         Customer Specific Input Checks when Saving
         Customer-Specific Data Transfer for Automatically Created Confir
         Define Customer-Specific Detail Areas for Single Screen Entry
      Enhancements for Plant Data Collection
         Customer-Specific Checks During Operation Download
      Business Add-Ins
         Business Add-In for Order Change
         Business Add-In for Confirmation
   Authorization Management