Shipping (LE-SHP)
   Delivery Processing
      Outbound Delivery Structure
         Delivery Data and Screens
         Origin of Data in the Delivery
         Delivery Types
         Item Categories in Deliveries
      Creating Outbound Deliveries
         Prerequisites for Processing Deliveries in Sales Orders
         Updating Delivery Status in Sales Orders
         Shipping Point Determination
         Route Determination
         Transportation and Delivery Scheduling
         Backward Delivery Scheduling Only
         Partial Delivery and Complete Delivery
         Correlating Delivery Groups
         Free Goods in the Outbound Delivery
         Order Combination
         Additional Shipping Deadlines
      Creating Outbound Deliveries
      Creating Outbound Deliveries Without Preceding Document
      Changing Outbound Deliveries
      Displaying Outbound Deliveries
      Deleting Outbound Deliveries
      Adding to Outbound Deliveries
      Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split
         Carrying out a Subsequent Delivery Split
      Grouping Outbound Deliveries
      Collective Processing of Documents due for Delivery
         Delivering Documents Due for Delivery
         Scheduling Background Processing
         Establishing User Roles
         Selection Criteria
      Deliveries from Projects
      Change-Documents in the Delivery
      Incompleteness in the Delivery
         Editing the Incompletion Log
      Picking with Warehouse Management
         Display Outbound Deliveries for Picking
         Using a Transfer Order as a Pick Order in Lean WM
         Specifying Picking Location
            Determining the Picking Location Automatically
            Specifying the Picking Location Manually
         Individual Picking List
            Random Picking Using Transfer Orders
               Pick-and-Pack During Picking
      Wave Picks
         Wave Picks with Capacity Restrictions
         Wave Pick Monitor
         Creating Wave Picks - Delivery Time
         Creating Wave Picks - Shipment
         Create Wave Picks - Shipment and Compare Time
         Creating Wave Picks - Outbound Delivery Monitor
         Processing Wave Picks
         Subsequent Functions for Wave Picks
      Picking Status
      Packing for Inbound and Outbound Deliveries
         Packing Delivery Items
         Generation of Delivery Items for Packaging Materials
         Automatic Packing in the Delivery
            Automatic Packing Through Order Proposal
            Packing Automatically when Creating Deliveries
            Pack Using External Systems
         Packing Deliveries in Shipments
      Overviews That Are Relevant for Packing
      Working with Handling Units
         Creating Empty Handling Units
            Packing per Partial Quantity
            Packing If Full
            New HU per x HUs
            Single Entry
         Emptying Handling Units
         Deleting Handling Units
         Deleting Assignments
         Finding Handling Units
         Assigning New Numbers for Handling Units
         Entering and Selecting Serial Numbers
         Editing Detailed Data for Handling Units
      Display Allowed Packaging Materials
      Automatic Packing
         Generating Handling Units Automatically in the Background
      Packing Proposal
         Hierarchical Display in the Packing Transaction
         Create an HU Proposal Based on a Packing Instruction
         Create an HU Proposal Manually
         Changing the HU Proposal
         Packing Status Check Profile
         Handling Unit Proposal
         Check an HU Proposal
         Simulate Handling Unit Creation
      Packing with Packing Instructions
         Packing Instruction
         Create a Packing Instruction
         Texts in the Packing Instruction
            Enter a Text Item in a Packing Instruction
            Link a Document to a Packing Instruction
         Packing Instruction Determination
            Creating Determination Records
      Pack at a Packing Station
         Packing Deliveries at a Packing Station
      Working with Freight Lists Use
         Editing Freight Lists
         Printing Freight Lists
   Goods Issue
      Goods Issue Posting
      Goods Issue in Collective Processing
      Goods Issue from Consignment Stock
      Status Overview in the Preceding Documents
      Displaying Goods Issue Documents
      Parcel Tracking for Express Delivery Companies
         Creating Express Delivery Companies in the System
         Master Data
         Editing Express Delivery Company Data in the Delivery
         Setting up Labels for Express Delivery Companies
         Access Delivery Tracking Status
      Proof of Delivery
         Manually Confirming Proof of Delivery (POD)
         Subsequent Processing of Proof of Delivery (POD)
      Processing Returns After Goods Issue Posting
      Goods Issue Reversal
         Reversal of Goods Issue
   Printing and Communication in Shipping
      Shipping Output
         Editing Outbound Delivery Output
         Editing Loading Output
         Processing Handling-Unit Output
      Delivery Interface
      Material Label (Material Tag)
         Adapting Label Layout
   Planning, Monitoring and Analysis in Shipping
      Working with the Delivery Monitor
         Defining Selection Criteria
         Calling up List Functions
         Carrying out Subsequent Processing
   Special Functions in Shipping
      Working with Batches in Deliveries
         Executing Batch Splits in Deliveries
         Transferring Batch Data from Deliveries into Warehouse Managemen
      Working with Material Determination in Deliveries
      Working with Material Listing and Exclusion in Deliveries
      Working with Replenishment Deliveries
         Creating Stock Transport Orders
         Creating and Processing Replenishment Deliveries
      Working with Serial Numbers in Deliveries
         Maintaining Master Data for Serial Numbers in Shipping
         Assigning Serial Numbers in Deliveries
         Deleting Serial Numbers from Deliveries
         Creating Equipment in Deliveries
      Working with Inspection Lots in Deliveries
      Working with Route Schedules
         Requirements for Route Schedules
         Processing a Route Schedule
            Creating a Route Schedule
   Rough Workload Estimate
   R/2-R/3 Link
      Communication Terms
      Processing communication documents
         Evaluate Communication Documents
         Reposting Communication Documents
         Processing Decentral Deliveries with the R/2-R/3 Link
      Material Master Transfer
      Material Master Maintenance
         Changing Materials Decentrally
         Maintaining Materials Centrally in the Decentralized System
      Error Detection and Analysis