Displaying Workflows for an Object 


All workflows that are running or have been executed, in which your document (object) has already been edited, are displayed. You can search in the database or in archives.

When searching in the archive you should use the SAP archive info system. You must also activate the archive info system SAP_BO_2_WI_001 (from the central archiving transaction SARA via Infosystem ® Customizing) and create it (via Infosystem ® Status).


  1. In your object display, open the submenu with the symbol in the toolbox.
  2. If you want to search in the database in the SAP System, you must choose Workflow Overview.
  3. The corresponding workflows are displayed. You do not need to execute the following steps.

  4. If you want to search archives, you must choose Archived Workflows. The search report selection screen is displayed in the next screen, in which your object type and its key is already entered. For further information see Help ® Application Help. Start the report.

If the SAP archive info system is connected (see above), the archives available are searched immediately. Otherwise you must still explicitly select the archive that is to be searched for workflows.