Plants In Foreign Countries 


Previously, the plants of a company code had to belong to the country of that company code.

As of Release 4.0A, it is possible to deviate from this rule for European company codes with European plants.

This is useful, for instance, for firms carrying out business transactions with other European countries on a minor scale. It is not then necessary to manage master data such as vendor master records, customer master records, or G/L accounts on a multiple basis (per company code).

Changes to the interface

There is a new field "CtryVATNumber" in the header data of the purchase order. The country is automatically suggested from the plants of the PO item. This ensures that the value-added tax is paid to the tax authorities of the country where the tax is due.

The PO items may belong to plants of one country only. The country influences the determination of the tax code and the control of the import data screens.

The system determines whether or not an import transaction is involved on the basis of the combination "country of vendor" and "country of plant".

In the case of the selection report for the Intrastat declaration, the plant has been included as an additional mandatory selection criterion.

This is a precondition for the generation of Intrastat declarations for those PO items that belong to one particular country only.

Further notes

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