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Cumulation conditions


A cumulation condition type provides you with the option of displaying the total of the net values of an item and all of the assigned items.


Itm. MItm. Itm.Net value value

0010 0.00 355.00

0020 0010 100.00 320.00

0020 0010 35.00 35.00

0030 0020 80.00 80.00

0040 0020 140.00 140.00


Cumulation conditions cannot be used as header conditions.

Cumulation conditions cannot be edited manually.

When copying a sales document into a billing document, the condition rate and value of a cumulation condition are "frozen". This means that when copying, regardless of the pricing type, the condition is not redetermined. The net values are not added up again even if the individual net values have changed.

Change system parameters in customizing

Condition type KUMU is the default cumulation condition. This condition type is marked as a cumulation condition in the field Structure condition, as a group condition in the field Group condition and calculation type 'G' is entered as the Calculation type.

Enter the condition type KUMU in the required pricing procedure. Please note the following:

"Maintain pricing procedure"