Merchandise and Assortment Planning
   Basic Settings
      Cross-Scenario Settings
      Collective Maintenance for User Settings
      Data Warehouse
            Maintain Self-Defined Applications
         LIS Inbound Interface for External Data
            Communication Structures
               Maintain as IDoc
               Maintain as Dictionary Structure
            Maintain Self-Defined LIS Inbound Interface
         Field Catalogs
            Maintain Self-Defined Field Catalogs
            Technical Information for Field Catalogs
         Information Structures
            Maintain Self-Defined Information Structures
            Display Generation Log for Information Structures
         Maintain Authorizations
      Period and Season Settings
         Maintain Fiscal Year Variant (Maintain Shortened Fisc. Year)
         Maintain assignment of periods to seasons
      Currency Translation
         Set Up Exchange Rate Types
         Maintain exchange rates
      Store Groupings
         Maintain store groupings
         Maintain assignment store to store grouping
      Basic Settings
         Maintain master data check for self-defined characteristics
         Maintain characteristic names for self-defined characteristics
      Graphically-Supported Maintenance Using Networks
      Alternative Maintenance via Standard Tools
         Planning scenario/step
         Maintain planning hierarchy versions
         Maintain Plan Versions
         Set automatic planning
         Maintain self-defined transactions/programs
         Maintain planning step links
         Planning Interfaces
            Maintain the Promotions Interface
            Maintain the Allocation Table Interface
            Assignment of Interfaces to Layouts
            Maintain Break-Downs
      Manual Planning
         Maintain planning layouts
         Maintain Manual Planning Variants
         Transport planning layouts
         Import standard planning layout
         Maintain time-based distribution key
         Transport time-based distribution keys
         Maintain additional planning key figures
         Maintain control parameters for planning key figures
         Maintain formula groups
         Maintain Assignment of Layout to Formula Groups
         Maintain self-defined CUA status/title
         Maintain self-defined CUA functions
   Information system
      Actual Data Update
            Updating Definition
               General Definition Using Update Groups
                  Maintain Update Groups
               Specific Definition Using Update Rules
                  Maintain Update Rules
                  Maintain Requirements
                  Maintain Formulas
                  Display Generation Log of Update Rules
            Updating Control
               Activate Update
               Settings: Sales
                  Statistics Groups
                     Maintain Statistics Groups for Customers
                     Maintain Statistics Groups for Material
                     Maintain Statistics Groups for Sales Documents
                     Assign Statistics Groups for Each Sales Document Type
                     Assign Statistics Groups for each Sales Document Item Type
                     Assign Statistics Groups for each Delivery Type
                     Assign Statistics Groups for each Delivery Item Type
                     Determine Billing Document Types Relevant to Statistics
                  Update Group
                     Assign Update Group on Item Level
                     Assign Update Group on Header Level
                  Change Statistics Currency for each Sales Organization
               Settings: Transportation
                  Statistics Groups
                     Maintain Statistics Groups for Transportation Service Agent
                     Maintain Statistics Groups for Shipment Types
                     Assign Statistics Groups for each Shipment Type
                  Update Group
                     Assign Statistics Groups for each Transportation Planning Loc.
                  Maintain Statistics for each Transportation Planning Point
               Settings: Sales Support
                  Statistics Groups
                     Maintain Statistics Groups
                     Assign Statistics Group per Sales Activity Type
                  Update Groups
               Settings: Purchasing
                  Assign Update Group on Item Level
                  Assign Update Group on Header Level
                  Change Period Split for Quantity Reliability
                  Change Period Split for On-Time Delivery Performance
               Settings: Production
                  Activate Update and Release Version for each Order Type
                  Define Performance Settings
               Settings: Quality Management
                  Inspection Lot
                     Allocate update for each origin
                     Divide quality key figures into classes
                     Assign quality key figure classes to info structures
                  Determine update group for each quality notification type
               Settings: Plant Maintenance
                  Define currency for maintenance statistics
                  Assign Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key Figures
                  Allocate update groups for PM notification types
               Settings: Retail Information System (RIS)
                  Enhance Data
               Settings: Warehousing & Shipping
                  Control Rough Workload Estimate (RWE)
               Update Check
                  Display update log
                  Simulate Update
               U3 Update (Collective Update)
         Actual Data Update
            Average Retail parameters
            General parameters
         Standard Analyses
            Change Settings
               Data Enhancement
               Maintain List Enhancement Methods
            Delete Selection Versions
         Flexible Analyses
            Support of Various Languages
               Define Languages For Report Writer
               Translate Characteristic Texts For Evaluation Structures
            Transport of Evaluation Structures and Evaluations
               Determine internal number assignment
            Perform mass generation of evaluations
            Select layout reports for evaluation structures
            Determine standard layout
            Maintain sets
            Maintain variables
         Structure report selection
      Setup of Statistical Data
         Cross-Application Selection Parameters
         Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data
            Perform Statistical Setup - Sales
            Perform Setup - Sales Support
            Perform Setup - Transportation
            Perform Setup - Purchasing
            Perform Setup - Inventory Controlling
            Perform Setup - Warehouse Management
            Perform Setup - Production
            Perform Setup - Quality Management
            Perform Setup - Plant Maintenance
            Perform Setup - Retail
            Perform Setup - Warehousing & Shipping
      Distribution of Statistical Data (ALE)
         Exchange of Aggregated Data
            Generate Message Type
            Determine Version for Comparison
            Define ALE Settings
            Schedule Data Dispatch of Information Structures
         Event-Driven Data Exchange
            Set Scenario for "Inventory Controlling"
            Set Scenario for "Purchasing Information System"
            Set Scenario for "Sales Information System"
      Copy Management
         Methods Maintenance
      Reset Generation Time Stamp
      Execute Mass Generation
   Functional Enhancements
      Functional Enhancements - Logistics Data Warehouse
         Read external data: Copy Management
         Perform statistical update: SIS - sales documents
         Perform statistical setup: TIS - transport documents
         Perform statistical update: PURCHIS - purchasing documents
         Perform statistical update: INVCO
         Perform statistical update: PP-IS - production orders
      Functional Enhancements - Planning
         Cell manipulation in planning layouts
         Additional planning key figures
         Change Function for Retail Promotions
         Editing a New Promotion
         Editing a New Allocation Table
         Running a Menu Function in Planning Program
      Functional Enhancements - Reporting
         Determine characteristic texts
         Perform authorization check: standard analyses
         Display key figures: standard analyses
         Process external hierarchies: standard analyses
      Functional Enhancements - Early Warning System
         Define exceptions for certain characteristic values
         Add texts to fax symbols