Confirming Activities During Results Recording 


Once you have recorded and valuated the inspection results for a characteristic, you can also confirm the activities for the operation. Depending on the setting of the operation control key, the system displays the dialog box for entering the activity times automatically or you must call it up manually:

Only one person can confirm activities for a specific QM order at any given time. If several people try to confirm activities for the same QM order, the system displays a message indicating that the QM order is currently locked.


  1. Enter the following data in the dialog box for recording activity times:


Input mode

Setup time


Machine time




Work center




The dialog box also displays the previously confirmed activity times.

The system retrieves the work center from the corresponding operation in the inspection plan as a default value and proposes it when you make a confirmation. If a confirmation was already made for the operation, the system proposes the work center specified in the last confirmation. If the current inspections took place at another work center, you can confirm these with reference to this work center. The actual costs are determined on the basis of the activity types for the corresponding work center.

In QM, the alternative actual work center is only used to determine the actual costs on the basis of the actual activities. This work center has no effect on any other inspection lot processing functions (for example, results recording, quality control charts, QM information system).

  1. Select Continue to close the dialog box and to return to the main screen in the results recording function.
  2. Save the data.