Conversion of Source Data 


This function converts source field data to a particular format for the DME file. You can specify a conversion method for any of the mapping procedures available for elements and atoms.

The system supports conversion rules for the following field types:

If you require an additional conversion method, you must specify an exit module for the node.


First enter the source information, then choose on the Attributes tabstrip; the system restricts selection criteria and displays the conversion rules that apply to the particular field type. Or, you can choose from all available formats via the input help.

Available formats

For field type

You can specify a combination of the following data:


  • Day, month, and year sequence
  • Number of characters for year: two or four
  • With or without separator
  • Type of separator: slash or period
  • Year, month, or day only
  • Year and number of days since January 1


  • Hour, minutes, and seconds sequence (with or without seconds)
  • With or without separator
  • Hour only
  • Conversion to time stamp

Currency amount

  • Number of decimal places
  • Decimal formatting: period, comma or none
  • With leading zeros
  • Left- or right-justified
  • Output decimal value as 0 (round down)

Character string

  • With leading zeros
  • Left- or right-justified
  • Replace leading zeros with space
  • Replace strange characters
  • All letters as capital letters