Programming Dialog Applications 


SAP provides various help functions in the form of service BAPIs to support the programming of dialog applications.


In dialog applications you can use the following help functions: The service BAPIs can be found in the BOR component hierarchy under Basis Components ® Middleware.

Transaction Control

Each dialog transaction that uses BAPIs to change data in one or more objects must directly execute the COMMIT WORK command to save the data. The BAPI BapiService.TransactionCommit() is used for this and it writes the changes to the database.

If data is not to be written to the database, the BAPI BapiService.TransactionRollback() can reset the changes, provided that the changes have not already been passed to the database with the BAPIBapiService.TransactionCommit(). This works provided that the BAPI BapiService.TransactionCommit has not already passed the changes to the database.

Input Help (F4 Help)

To display the possible entries (F4 help) for an input field transferred when a BAPI is called, you should include the service BAPI HelpValues.GetList() in your program. This BAPI supplies the input values allowed for the field in a BAPI parameter.

The method HelpValues.GetList() method uses the help view for the check table, matchcodes or domain fixed values linked to the field in the ABAP Dictionary. For information about check tables, matchcodes and domain fixed values see the ABAP Dictionary.

F1 Help (Field Help)

To provide F1 help (field help) for input fields in your application you can use the BAPI BapiService.FieldHelpGetDocu(). This method reads the documentation (F1 help) on the fields in a BAPI parameter.

Interpreting Return Messages

Each BAPI contains a parameter named Return. This parameter reports exception messages or success messages back to the calling program.

Two service BAPIs can diagnose and process error messages from BAPI calls:

Further Information

For further information refer to the documentation on the appropriate BAPI in the Business Object Repository.

A list of all the service BAPIs available can be found under Service BAPIs for Help Functions.