The root node of the DMEE format tree contains technical settings and properties that apply to the entire file. Below is an overview of data that can be maintained on the detailed view to the right of the tree structure. For more information on the individual fields, refer to the F1 help.

Administrative data

You can document your format tree as needed. To do so, specify a name for your documentation text in the Documentation field; the name format <format tree ID>_DMEE is recommended. You can then maintain the text directly in the SAPscript editor by choosing . The user documentation for a format tree can be displayed in the display or change modes by choosing Goto ® Documentation.

The version of the format tree is displayed. The system assigns the fixed value 000 to an active version and 001 to a maintenance version.

Format attributes

Here you specify a DDIC structure in the case of format-specific parameters and delimiter information.

For format trees of the tree type PAYM, you can additionally specify that an accompanying sheet is to be printed when the file is generated. The system supports the printing of both simplified sheets and sheets with subtotals. If you specify an accompanying sheet with subtotals, you must maintain the key fields on the Sort/key fields tabstrip.


Here you specify the number of levels in the format. In addition, you can define a repetition limit for each level. This value specifies how often a certain level may be output. If this number is exceeded, the corresponding level cannot be output anymore. If the limit is reached for the uppermost level in the format tree and additional data is to be processed, a second file is generated. If the limit is reached for lower levels, the preceding level is repeated so that data can continue to be output for this level.

Sort/key fields

Here you can specify how certain fields are to be sorted. For the payment program, for example, you can sort according to currency or account by specifying the appropriate source field. If a sort field is additionally marked as a key field, then a change to the value in this field causes the corresponding format level to end.

If you indicate on the Format attributes tabstrip that an accompanying sheet is to be printed, you maintain the key fields here, which define how the subtotals are calculated.

File data

Here you specify whether segments are to be separated by carriage return or by line feed.