PDM Integration for AutoCAD
   Installation of the AutoCAD-SAP Interface
      Installing the “External Database” Application
      Installing PDM Integration for AutoCAD
      Configuring the SAP-CAD Interface
         Defining Control Parameters (Table TCIS)
         Assigning Field Sets (Table TCIM)
         Assigning Field Sets for Downloads (Table TCID)
         Assigning Field Sets for Uploads (Table TCIU)
         Defining Local Field Names (Table TCIT)
         Example of Configuration
      Making Configuration Settings in AutoCAD
            General Sections
            Sections - Material Master Record (General)
            Sections - Creating a Master Material Record
            Sections – Displaying a Material Master Record
            Sections – Changing a Master Material Record
            Sections – Assigning/Searching for a Material Master Record
            Sections – Creating a BOM
            Sections – Displaying a BOM
            Sections – Changing a BOM
      Working with the "gesprese.cfb" File
      Overview of Configuration Files
      Initializing the AutoCAD-PPS Interface
      Log Files
      Attributes for the UPLOAD Process
      Attributes for the DOWNLOAD Process
   Functionality of the Interface
      Establishing and Shutting Down a Connection
      Material References
         SAP Material Master Record and AutoCAD Part
            Read Item Number
         SAP Material Master Record
         Updating from External Database
      BOM Maintenance
         General Information on BOM Functions
            Info Point
            Item Number
         Creating a Material Master Record for the BOM Header
         Assigning a Material Master Record to the BOM Header
         Selecting Options for Inserting an Item Number
         Generating Item Numbers Automatically
         Renumbering Item Numbers
            Examples of Numbering
         Appending Bubbles
         Creating BOMs for a Drawing and/or Printer
            BOM File Name
            BOM Block (Template File)
            Creating a BOM for a Drawing
            Creating a BOM for a Printer
            Creating a BOM as an ASCII File
            Information Source Within the Drawing Frame
            Expanding Sub-BOMs
            Printing All Groups Without Query
            Saving Defaults
         Updating a BOM in the AutoCAD Drawing
         Change AutoCAD Parts List (BOM)
            Changing an AutoCAD BOM/Parts List
               Changing the Structure of the List Blocks
               Inserting/Replacing Attributes in the List
               Changing a Footer Block / Row Block
               Inserting a Row Block
               Defining Page Breaks for Lists
            Changing a Drawing Template File (*.DSK)
               Changing Templates for BOM Evaluation
                  Fixed Identifiers
                  Print Formats
         BOM Attributes
      Document Management
         Create Document Info Record
         Change Document Info Record
         Display Document Info Record
         Assign Document Info Record
         Display Product Structure
         Find Document via Selection
         Find Document via Classification
         Find Document To Be Edited
         Edit Drawing Frame
      SAP Mail