RFC Java Class Library (BC-FES-AIT)
   Java RFC Architecture
      Middleware Used by Java RFC
         CORBA-type Middleware: Orbix
         SAP JNI Middleware
   Java RFC Features
   Java RFC Documentation
   Release Information
      What's New in Release 4.6A?
      What's New in Release 4.6B?
      What's New in Release 4.6C?
   Installation and Setup
      Installing Java RFC for JNI Middleware
      Orbix Installation and Setup
         Installing the Orbix Client
         Installing the Orbix Server
         Starting the Orbix Daemon
         Changing the Orbix Daemon Setup After Installation
         Configuring the Java RFC Orbix Server
         Java RFC Orbix Server Installation Processing
         Starting the Java RFC Orbix Server
      The SAP Java RFC Program Group
   RFC Java Library Programming Guide
      Running Programs that Use JDK 1.2 and Java RFC
      Interface for Building Client Applications
         Java RFC Client Files and Objects
            The SessionManager and SessionInfo Objects
            The Java RFC Properties Files
            The Function Module Object (IRfcModule)
            Parameter and Field Interfaces
               Parameter and Field Metadata Classes
               Table, Row, and Cursor Interfaces
            Factory Objects
         Specifying Middleware Type
         Using the Client Interface to Make an RFC Call
               Example: Calling RFC Functions with No Parameters
               Example: RFC Function with an Export Parameter
               Example: Calling an RFC Function with Parameters
               Additional Java RFC Client Samples
            Setting Up and Starting a Session
               Using the Properties Files to Set Up SessionInfo
               Adding or Changing Connection Properties Used
               Manually Setting the Properties of SessionInfo
            Setting Up the Function Module Object
               Auto-Creating the IRfcModule Object
               Manually Creating the IRfcModule Object
            Calling an RFC Function Module
            Reading the Data from Export Parameters
            Working with Table Data
      Interface for Building Server Applications
         Java RFC Server Classes and Interfaces
         Building Java RFC Server Applications
            Server Programming with Manual Creation of Function Objects
            Server Programming with Automatic Creation of Function Objects
            Obtaining SessionManager
            Obtaining the ServerApp Object
            Using the IServerFunctionFactory Object
            Using the Parameter Factory Objects to Add and Create Parameters
            Adding Parameter Objects to IServerFunction
            Creating a Server Process for Incoming Calls
            Associating IServerFunction and IServerProcess
            Adding IServerFunction to ServerApp
            Registering a Server Application at the SAP Gateway
            Adjusting the Number of Server Threads
            Running a Server Application
         Server Sample Programs: Srfctest and SrfctestAuto
      Advanced Topics
         Programming Multiple Client Connections
            Classes and Interfaces for Multiple Connections
               IRfcConnection and Related Objects
               IRfcModule in the Context of a Connection
            Handling Multiple Connections
               Setting Up the Factory Manager
         Multi-Threading in RFC Client Applications
         Handling Exceptions and Errors