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This section provides an overview of the entities that are relevant in the different phases when implementing SAP Fiori apps in a system landscape that contains SAP Business Suite components.

Planning Landscape Functions: Business Function

Business functions (BF) are installed via a technical usage.

You control business functions by using switches.

  • Technical usages correspond to one or several business functions.

  • Examples

    • TU Central Applications: Many BFs

    • TU Biller Direct: 1 BF

Planning Landscape Changes: Technical Usage

Technical usages (TU) refer to product instances.

You use technical usages, for example, when planning the implementation.

  • All product instances of a technical usage must be installed to use the business function.

  • Technical usages can correspond to one or many product instances (1 by default).

Applying Landscape Changes: Product Instance

Product instances (PI) group software components that must run on the same technical system.

You use product instances, for example, to define product systems in the landscape management database.

  • Product instances can have one or many software components.

  • Product instances are addressed during maintenance, update, and upgrade.

Delivering Software: Software Component

Software components (SC) are delivery units shipped with installations and support packages.

  • Software component versions can be reused in many product instances.

  • For product version installation, usually Support Package Stacks are used.