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Front-End Server: Activate ICF ServicesLocate this document in the navigation structure


On the front-end server, you have to activate the ICF service delivered for the SAP Fiori app you want to implement. This is because, for security reasons, all Internet Communication Framework (ICF) services are made available in an inactive state.

For facts sheets, you activate the ICF service in the BSP application subtree; for other app types, you activate the ICF service in the UI5 (ui5_ui5) application subtree.

If you want to implement multiple apps at the same time, there can be, depending on the SAP NetWeaver stack of your front-end server, several ways to activate the ICF services:

  • You can activate the ICF services for each app manually.

  • You can activate OData services and ICF nodes at the same time, by using an SAP Fiori app.


For each app, you find the technical name of the corresponding ICF service in the SAP Fiori app documentation under App Implementation.


The detailed procedure of this task depends on the SAP NetWeaver stack on your front-end server. For detailed information, see Choose your SAP NetWeaver stack version.