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Type: Fact sheet


This fact sheet displays contextual information about the User fact sheet. You can navigate to the related entities. You can view for users and general information, user groups, systems, Firefighter privileges, roles assigned, risks, and mitigated risks. You can drill down to see further details.

Navigation Target

From the Access Control User fact sheet, you can navigate to:

  • Analyze Risk

Technical Requirements

  • GRC Access Control 10.1 – SP03

  • NetWeaver 7.40, SP04

  • UI for SAP Access Control 10.1

Technical Data

The following tables list technical objects specific for the Access Control User fact sheet.

Back-End Components

OData Service (Version Number)

Authorization Role (PFCG Role)



SAP_GRC_TCR_FSA (for annotation file authorizations)

Front-End Components


Technical Name

UI5 Application


Recommendation Recommendation

For more information on how to implement these technical objects, refer to the Central Implementation Information.

End of the recommendation.

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