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You can extend the Employee Lookup app according to your business needs for different aspects. For this purpose, the following extensibility options are available:

  • Hierarchy view

    You can extend the header content in the hierarchy view.

Hierarchy view

To extend Header content, the extensibility entities listed below are available on the different software layers. You have to extend each of these entities according to your specific business needs:



Extension Point



Further Extensibility Entities

Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)

The following BAdIs are available for extensibility purposes:

  • BAdI for Employee Lookup(HCM_B_EMP_LKP)

    You can use this BAdI to:

    • Read information of an employee

    • Read hierarchy information of the selected employee (Manager of the employee as well as direct reports of the employee)

    • Search for employees based on their name

    • Fetch the manager hierarchy of the employee until the top root level

  • BAdI Definition for Employee Assignments(HCM_B_EMPLOYEE_ASSIGNMENT)

    You can use this BAdI to retrieve the employee's assignment information (for employees who are concurrently employed).

For more information on implementing the BAdIs in the context of enhancement concept, see SAP Library for BAdIs Embedded in the Enhancement Framework under Start of the navigation path Technology Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Platform Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Library: Function-Oriented View Next navigation step Application Server Next navigation step Application Server ABAP Next navigation step Application Development on AS ABAP Next navigation step ABAP Customer Development Next navigation step Enhancement Framework Next navigation step Enhancement Technologies Next navigation step Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) Next navigation step Additional Information End of the navigation path.

Extension Includes

In addition to the extension includes described above, the following extension includes are available:


Extension Include




Allows you to extend the EmployeeInfo Entity



Allows you to extend the HierarchyObject Entity



Allows you to extend the HierarchyPanel Entity



Allows you to extend the SearchResult Entity

If there are additional fields available in the OData service, you can display these fields on the UI. For more information, see the extensibility documentation for the respective SAP NetWeaver release on your front-end server at Start of the navigation path Extensibility Information for SAP Fiori Next navigation step Extending the UI Layer Next navigation step UI Extensibility Workflow Next navigation step  Next navigation step Checking the SAP-Enabled Extension Options Next navigation step Extension Points End of the navigation path.

More Information

For a general description of the extensibility options and procedures of SAP Fiori apps, see Start of the navigation path Extensibility Information for SAP Fiori End of the navigation path.