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The analytical app displays the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Slow-Moving Item. You can display materials in stock that have not been moved within a specific time frame, for example, for more than six months. Such a time frame is referred to as a period. Warehouse managers see both the value of the slow moving items and the duration of the period without a goods movement, valuated with an annual interest rate in percent. This informs warehouse managers about opportunity costs for held stock or inventory.

Key Features

  • Calculation rule:

    To determine opportunity costs, multiply the current stock value by the annual interest rate in percent, and by the number of periods without a goods movement in relation to the period per year.

    The period without a goods movement is defined as the number of periods to be analyzed based on the current posting period of the company code. The current posting period is equal to “0”, the previous month is equal to “1”, and so on. The period without a goods movement is always equal to or higher than the value of the input parameter minimum number of periods without goods movement.

  • Generic drill down:

    You can use the following measures: NmbrOfPeriodsWthoutGdsMvt, TotVltdStockValInCoCodeCry_E, OpptyCostsInCoCodeCry_E

  • Corresponding Query view: sap.hba.r.ecc.MaterialValStockValueSlowMoverOpportunityCostsQuery

    Displays the opportunity costs for slow-moving items based on the valuated stock value.

    Note Note

    The function Multidimensional Reporting for this query view is not available for generic SAP clients. That means that this query view cannot be used for other SAP Smart Business Apps.

    End of the note.
  • KPI type: amount

  • Dimensions:

    • Input parameters: SAP client, interest rate in percent; minimum number of periods without goods movement

    • Filter: company code, plant, material, material type, material group, product hierarchy, inventory valuation type, inventory special stock type, sales document, sales document item, WBS element, vendor, inventory valuation category, material valuation class, currency, material base unit, company code name, material name, MRP controller, purchasing group, unit of measure commercial name

System Landscape Requirements

The app consists of front-end components and back-end components. The back-end components and the front-end components are delivered in separate products and have to be installed in a system landscape that is enabled for SAP Fiori.

SAP Smart Business Product

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP ERP SPS05

Contains Virtual Data Model (VDM)

SAP HANA Live 1.0 for SAP ERP SPS09

SAP Business Suite Product

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SPS07

For more information about the installation of the front-end components, see Installation Requirements (Analytical Apps).

Component for Customer Incidents

Fiori UI for Inventory Management (MM-FIO-IM)