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With the transactional app Approve Purchase Orders, you can approve or reject or forward a purchase order in SRM that is assigned to a particular approver. The app also allows you to view additional details such as the approval note, attachments, item details, price conditions, and account assignment.

  • Displays the list of POs for approval

  • Approve or reject the PO

  • Forward the PO to another approver

  • View details of PO

  • View user details

Technical Requirements

The following software products must be available in your system landscape:

  • Back-end system (business data)

    • Required product release: SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP SRM 7.0 SP03

    • Required software component: SRM_SERVER

  • UI add-on (front-end components)

    • Required product release: UI for EHP3 for SAP SRM 7.03

    • Required software components: UISRM200

For more details about the implementation of the app, see App Implementation: Approve Purchase Orders (SRM).

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