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From the SAP ERP system, you can trigger the creation of a new job requisition in SuccessFactors BizX. If the job has been posted and there are applications in SuccessFactors, you can extract these and transfer them to the SAP ERP system. In the SAP ERP system, you can transfer the transferred candidates to Personnel Administration as employees. You can then use the personnel numbers of the new employees to derive their user ID for SuccessFactors BizX and return these to SuccessFactors BizX.


If you use more than one integration scenario, adhere to the correct sequence during the data transfer. For more information, see Integration Add-On for SAP ERP Human Capital Management and SuccessFactors BizX, in the Integration section.

If you have used this integration scenario to transfer applications to the SAP ERP system and hire the candidates as new employees, you can use the integration scenario for employee data to transfer the data for these newly hired employees back to SuccessFactors BizX. For more information, see Integration Scenario for Employee Data.


Technical Integration

You can use middleware to transfer recruiting data from SAP ERP to SuccessFactors BizX and from SuccessFactors BizX to SAP ERP. For more information, see Integration Using Middleware.

Direction of Data Transfer

You can transfer recruiting data in the following directions:

Data Transfer Process

For more information, see Integration Scenario Process for Recruiting Data.