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To transfer employee data and organizational data from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors BizX, proceed as follows:


  1. You divide the total number of employees for whom you want to extract data into suitable areas and create a corresponding extraction variant for each area.

    Make sure that you use the same option for the field USERID in each extraction variant.

  2. If you use the report Sync Employee Data with SuccessFactors (with Delta and Inactive Logic) (RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA) or Sync Employee Data with SuccessFactors in Pre-Hire Period (RH_SFI_PREHIRE_EMPL_DATA), enter the allowed variants in the Customizing activity Specify Allowed Variants for Delta Extraction.

  3. You schedule the report of your choice with the extraction variants to be run regularly in the background.

    Note Note

    Ensure that the variants are always run with the same frequency and in the same sequence to avoid data inconsistencies.

    End of the note.
  4. You transfer the extracted data to SuccessFactors BizX.

    • If you use a file download for the integration, upload the generated comma-separated values files (CSV files) to SuccessFactors BizX.

    • If you use middleware for the integration, the report RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA or RH_SFI_PREHIRE_EMPL_DATA sends corresponding Web services to the middleware used. For more information, see Process for Using Middleware for the Integration.

  5. If errors occurred when extracting or transferring data, proceed as described in Monitoring the Transfer of Data from SAP ERP to SuccessFactors BizX.