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Function documentationSingle Processing of an Entity


Note Note

With MDG 7.0 this Web Dynpro application is obsolete. It is recommended to use the equivalent Web Dynpro applications for single-object processing.

End of the note.

You use this Web Dynpro application (USMD_ENTITY_VALUE2) to process a specific entity (for example, to create a new account) and change its master data.


  • To process changes, you need a change request, which is used to approve and track the changes, and you must be the current processor. If you are not the current processor, you can only display the data.

  • A standard data model has been assigned to you. If a standard data model has not been assigned to you by means of the user master record, you must assign a data model in this Web Dynpro application by choosing Change Model.

If this Web Dynpro application is called from an iView for which the parameters PROCESS=<name of business activity>, EDITING_MODE=CREATE, and IS_CREQ_MODE=X are filled, the process for creating a change request is started automatically. For more information, see Setting Up New Business Activities.


The Web interface is dependent on the selected UI configuration that you have specified in Customizing for Master Data Governance under Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step UI Modeling Next navigation step Edit UI Configuration End of the navigation path.

For more information, see Managing of UI Configurations.

The data of the inactive version appears in display mode. To display the data from the active version, choose Switch to Active Version.

Choose Related Services to call the following functions from this Web Dynpro application: