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Function documentationWhere-Used List


You use this Web Dynpro application (USMD_WHERE_USED) to display the entities that use a specific entity type. This allows you to determine, for example, the hierarchies in which entities are used.


  • If the entity type requires editions, you have created edition types in Customizing for Master Data Governance under Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step Process Modeling Next navigation step Create Edition Type End of the navigation path.

  • A standard data model has been assigned to you. If a standard data model has not been assigned to you by means of the user master record, you must assign a data model in this Web Dynpro application by choosing Change Model.


You can specify the entity type for which the where-used list is created. When you do so, you can restrict the where-used list to specific entities or editions of the entity type.

The results list contains all of the entities that use the entity type you specified. You can add a description of the entities to the information shown in the list.

For certain entities in the results list, you can call single processing by clicking the entity.


If you have installed the Business Package for Financial MDM 1.61 in SAP NetWeaver Portal, you can call this Web Dynpro application in the Financial Master Data Governance work center as follows:

  • Using the Where-Used List service in the Change Requests workset

  • From the Single Processing iView, for example, by choosing Related Links