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In its menu areas, DART offers the following functions for standard users:

Menu Area


For more information, see:


Extract data

Extracting Data


Delete data extracts

Deleting Data Extracts


Merge data extracts

Merging Data Extracts


Rebuilding data extracts

Rebuilding Data Extracts


Data extract splitter

Using the Data Extract Splitter

Information system

Data Extract Browser

Using the Data Extract Browser


Data extract views

Executing Data Extract Views


Associated data detector

Determining the View’s Data Environment


Segment catalog

Using the Segment Catalog


Field catalog

Using the Field Catalog


Display extract log

Displaying the Extract Log


Display view log

Displaying the View Log


Display extract splitter log

Displaying the Extract Splitter Log


Verify FI control totals

Verifying FI Control Totals


Verify all FI control totals

Verifying FI Control Totals


Verify data extract checksums

Verifying Checksums


List segment information

Displaying Segment Information


Create background job

Creating DART Background Jobs


Please note:

       SAP no longer supports the functions Retrieve archived data and Clear retrieved data (available in earlier DART releases in the Utilities menu area). These functions are still available as manual transactions. Use these on your own responsibility.

       From Release 2.4, DART no longer uses index data. You can therefore skip index-specific information. No entries are required in the related fields.

       This documentation (Application help) handles the user functions in the order that they occur in a typical business process. This is slightly different than the order of functions in the SAP Easy Access menu.

For more information, see Configuration.


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