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Back-end services provide the business logic that can be used in the form scenarios. To have data transferred to the back-end services, you link the form fields to the back-end services.

You use this function to determine which back-end services are used in the form scenario and assign form fields to the back-end services.


·        Assigning back-end services

You create a back-end service with a Sequence Number that uniquely identifies it. The number also specifies the sequence in which the services are called at runtime.

By using sequence numbers when assigning the back-end services, you have the option of using the same service more than once in the form scenario. You assign different sequence numbers to the service for this purpose. You should only use this option if it is absolutely necessary to split up the processing of a back-end service into more than one block (for example, because there are dependencies between the individual blocks).

Back-end services can also be assigned a Rule. In this case, the service is called only if the evaluation of the rule produces the value "true."

·        Assigning form fields to back-end services

A back-end service is only called if you have assigned at least one field to it. Only the values of the fields that are assigned to the back-end service are transferred to it. You determine how the form fields are processed by the back-end service by configuring the back-end service. For more information, see:

Settings for Back-End Service SAP_PA

Settings for Back-End Service SAP_PT

Settings for Back-End Service SAP_PD

Settings for Generic Services


·        You assign the back-end scenarios that are used in the form scenario.

·        You move and insert back-end services to determine the sequence in which they are called.

·        You assign form fields to the back-end services.


The following services are used for a form scenario:

The standard service SAP_PA, the standard service SAP_PT, and a generic service S_MATLEAVE that is required in a Maternity Leave process for determining the time limits.

Back-End Services






Personnel Administration infotypes



Time Management infotypes



Maternity Leave (Determine absence types)



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