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Personalizing the Search ComponentLocate this document in the navigation structure

At runtime, users can determine how the Search component should behave when the application is opened.

Providing that personalization for the Search component has been activated in FLUID, users can choose the Personalize button in the toolbar of the Search component at runtime to determine the following:
  • Default Search

    Users can choose a specific search variant to display when the application is opened. The search criteria are then displayed, but the search itself is not automatically run; the user must choose the Search button to do this.

    The search variants displayed in this field are actually the saved search variants.

  • Run Default Search on Open

    Select this option to run the default search when the application is opened.

  • Run Selected Search Automatically

    Select this option to automatically run any search variant that the user chooses from the list of Saved Searches.

  • Collapse Search Criteria Panel

    Select this option to collapse or expand the whole search panel when the application is opened.