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The Statutory Reporting and Processing component allows you to produce all the reports required for submitting end-of-year returns in accordance with statutory requirements. It also provides a simple process for submitting end-of-year returns on magnetic media.

In addition, it provides a number of procedures to help you prepare for the new tax year.


The Statutory Reporting component allows you to produce the following listings:

  • P14

  • P35

  • P60

  • P11D

It also provides the Tax Code Update Report which you run as part of your start-of-year activities, and the P46 (Company Car) Form Report for Great Britain which you must run on at least a quarterly basis.

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Furthermore, SAP delivers one other element within the Statutory Reporting component. This is the P45 Form for Great Britain Report . This is also a statutory reporting requirement, included in the SAP Library for the Payroll Great Britain solution under Final Payroll Processing .