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As part of European Monetary Union (EMU), the national currencies of the countries participating in EMU are to be changed over to a single currency (the euro). In the course of the changeover, there will be a period when both the euro and the national currencies will be valid (duel currency phase). After this period has ended the only valid currency will be the euro.

This means that during the duel currency phase, the currency defined for general business agreements and logistics data (such as the order currency of a vendor) have to be changed over to the euro.

A number of reports are available for directly carrying out the conversion in the various application areas.

It can, however, make sense to first of all plan the conversion and distribute the tasks among various agents.


You require this function if your local currency is being changed to the euro or if you work with business partners whose local currency is being changed.


The currency is changed over in two main areas:

  • Local currency

This involves changing over amount fields and fixed amounts in Customizing tables and fields containing currency keys and exchange rates to the new currency.

See CA - European Monetary Union: Local Currency Changeover (CA-EUR-CNV)

  • Dual currency phase

During the dual currency phase, a number of sets of data in different areas have to be converted on different dates. Many of the conversion processes are grouped together in the Euro Workbench .

See CA - European Monetary Union: Currency Changeover in Retail (IS-R)

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