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You use this component to run payroll for employees in the Russian Federation ( Russia for short). In addition to the international processes that apply to all countries, this component covers the specific functions related to Russia and its legal environment.


Components in Human Capital Management

Payroll Russia is integrated with the components Personnel Management and Time Management .

Other SAP Components

Payroll Russia is integrated with Financial Accounting and Controlling , which allow you to pay your employees and evaluate payroll results respectively.


This component allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Generate and evaluate an employee’s net pay

  • Calculate contributions and taxes

  • Create reports for the Russian Pension Fund

  • Process garnishment payments and corresponding reports

  • Create remuneration statements

  • Prepare data for the State Committee for Statistics (Goskomstat)


Multiple payroll calculations based on the Reference Personnel Number Priority infotype (0121) are not supported, because the shipment does not contain a schema to process the calculations.