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This service enables your employees to record their working times on weekly basis and assign these to a project, order, or other SAP application objects.

You can launch the Record Working Times application from the My Timesheet lane from the Employee Self-Services home page or from the My Services lane by clicking on Record Working Time under the Working Time tab. In the My Services lane, if the business function is on, it launches the SAP UI5 application Record Working Times or else the Web Dynpro ABAP-based application.

You also can open it as a standalone application.

You can launch this application by using the following URL:


This application has two tabs:

  • Record Times: You use this tab to record working times on a weekly basis. The Record Times view contains the following sections:

    • Calendar displaying status of each day

    • Legends

    • Current week header with current week period and the calendar week, Maintain Time Assignment and Copy From Previous Period buttons

    • The data entry section (Horizontal or Vertical) as maintained in Customizing (CAC1) is displayed

    • The Add to Favorites, Save, Release Directly, and Delete buttons

  • Release Times: You use this tab to release the working times. The Release Times view contains the following sections:

    • A table with working times to be released. The checkbox in the table header selects all entries by default for releasing.

    • The Release and the Cancel buttons.

      Note Note

      If you choose the Cancel button it returns to the Record Times view.

      End of the note.


The prerequisites are:

  • Use SAP Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS).

  • Set up the Time Sheet. For the service, you can use the model data entry profile ESS, which meets the requirements of Employee Self-Service (ESS).

  • You can make the necessary Customizing settings for the Cross-Application Time Sheet under   Personnel Management   Employee Self-Service (SAPUI5)   Working Time   Record Working Time  .

  • Create personnel numbers in the SAP system for all employees who are to record data. The personnel number must be related to the employee’s system user name in the Communication (0105) infotype. For more information, see Assigning an SAP User ID to a Personnel Number.

  • Use the user CATS variant (CVR) parameter to assign each employee a specific data entry profile, which they use to enter their working times. This profile determines the data entry process and the layout of the time sheet. If this user parameter has not been stored, the system uses the ESS data entry profile as the standard.

  • Assign the required authorizations to all users.


This service provides the following features so employees can record their working times:

  • You use the Maintain Time Assignment button to add timesheet records. You can do this manually by using the Add Entry tab or you can import from the Suggested tab using favorites, work schedules, and worklists. You can create favorites by using the Add Entry tab.

  • HR-Enabled CATS integrates the HR and CATS systems. The following enhancements are available:

    • The Work Schedule button enables an employee to see their weekly work schedule. If an employee has an approved leave request on a specific day, it shows in the timesheet as a non-editable entry. An employee can import the times from their work schedule to their timesheet.

    • Approved leave requests are displayed in an employee’s time sheet. In Customizing, you must select the Subtract HR hours checkbox if the users want to see their approved leave requests in their timesheets.

    • Holidays are marked in the calendar as Holiday . You can use BAdI: CATS Partial Day Public Holiday Display (HRESS_CATS_PUB_HOLIDAY_ENH) to define the number of hours for a half day public holiday.

    • The color status in the calendar changes when the employee releases their time recordings. You can use BAdI: Calendar Legend for Recording Working Times (HRESS_CATS_CAL_LEGEND_ENH) to set the calendar legend display. You can change the color of the items in the calendar legend, the display, and the text.

  • A calendar is integrated into the data entry screen. This calendar provides employees with a quick overview of the days on which they have recorded too many or too few working hours, over a period of several weeks. It also displays the days for which rejected or not released data records exist. If there are multiple status information texts for one day, the most important one is displayed.

  • In the data entry section you have multiple views for recording working times:

    • Horizontal Display: The horizontal view provides employees with an overview of all data recorded for the week. In Customizing, you can select a horizontal list view, using transaction code CAC1. The Recorded Time/Target Time is displayed in the data entry section header.

    • Vertical Display: The vertical view provides employees with an overview of all data recorded for the week in a vertical display. In Customizing, you can select a vertical list view, using transaction code CAC1. The Recorded Time and Target Time are displayed for every record.

      Employees can provide additional information about any given data record by opening its detail screen. For example, employees can enter confirmation information for a network or enter further information about a data record in the form of a long text.

  • Employees can change the data entry period by selecting the week in the calendar or by choosing the arrow keys to display the previous and next week.

  • Employees can use a worklist if the profile settings permit. The worklist makes it easier to record their working times as it allows employees to copy information about planned activities to the data entry section quickly.

  • Employees can save the working time attributes recorded for a particular week as a favorite using the Add to Favorites button.

  • If you want to have the data approved, you can use the approval workflow. For more information see, Workflow: Approve Working Times (CATS).

  • Employees can print the timesheet data by choosing the Print icon in the My Timesheet lane. In the selection options, they can select the timesheet layout and period. You can use the BAdI: PDF Print Form for CATS (HRESS_CATS_PRINT_FROM) to provide the layout form names and the PDF data to the print form.

  • You can restrict the employee’s navigation in the timesheet by configuring the profile accordingly.

  • You can save the records by using the Save button.

  • You can choose the records to Release Directly, Delete, or Add to Favorites by selecting the Select All checkbox.

  • You can directly release the selected records from the timesheet by using the Release Directly button in the Record Times view. In case no records are selected the data for the whole week is released directly. You can also release from the Release Times view by using the Release button. You can use BAdI: Direct Release Confirmation Text Change (HRESS_CATS_DIRECT_RELEASE_ENH) to redefine the confirmation text the employee sees after releasing their data.

    If you use the Release Directly button then the records are automatically saved and released for approval. If you save the records in the Record Times view then the records are available for releasing in the Release Times view.

    Note Note

    You can hide the Release View and Release Directly button from the CATS Profile Customizing in transaction CAC1.

    End of the note.
  • You use the Delete button in the Record Times view to delete the selected records.

  • You use the Copy From Previous Period button to copy the time entries from the previous week.