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You use the master data application Personnel & Organization (Web Dynpro application HRPAO_PAOM_MASTERDATA) to edit master data for organizational units, positions, and employees, as well as their assignments to each other.


The system starts this application automatically when you select an object or an action on the landing page.


You are familiar with the data model of the component Personnel & Organization.

Where required, you have configured the display of infotypes in the application Personnel & Organization. For more information, see Configuration.


The application Personnel & Organization has the following functions:

  • The Object Navigator provides you with various tools that you can use to search for those objects that you want to display or edit:

    • You can use the integrated search and search criteria to search for the objects that you want to open to display or edit.

    • You can display organizational structures in a graph and from here open objects to display or edit them. For more information, see Visualization of Organizational Structures.

  • On the object profile page for a selected object, the system uses subject-area-specific Biz Cards to display the most important master data that is valid on the specified date.

  • If you have used a relevant function to select an infotype to display or edit, the system displays all data that exists for the object on an infotype-specific page. You can select various periods.

  • For an object that is displayed on the object profile page, in the results list for the search, or in an organizational structure, you can use the action menu to select processes for object processing directly. You can also use the action menu to call an infotype-specific page directly for the object.

  • If you have used the landing page or the action menu to select a process in the master data application, the system calls the corresponding process-specific page.

  • If you want to hold a discussion for the displayed object, you can use the corresponding function to call the side panel with the functions for holding a discussion.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Master Data Application

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For more information, see Configuration.