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In the component Personnel & Organization, you have various functions available that you can use to search for objects to display or edit. You can currently search for objects that you can edit using functions of the component Personnel & Organization, for example, employees or organizational units.


User Interfaces

You have the following user interfaces available to search for objects:

  • (Expanded) Search Lane

    Central application for searching for objects. This search function is part of the landing page of the component Personnel & Organization.

    For more information, see Search Lane.

  • Integrated Search

    Function for searching for objects within the Personnel & Organization application.

    For more information, see Integrated Search.

  • Search Fields (OpenSearch)

    Function for searching using the search field of SAP NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop.

    For more information, see Search Field (OpenSearch).

Technical Architecture

From a technical aspect, these search functions are based on the following architecture components:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Graphic: Technical Architecture

  • Search Access Layer

    The system uses the Search Access Layer to control the communication between the user interface and the back-end system.

    • The Search Access Layer and the Search Lane communicate using Open Data Protocol.

    • The Search Access Layer and a Search Field (OpenSearch) communicate using the Open Search Interface.

    • The Search Access Layer and the Integrated Search communicate directly.

  • Search Tool

    The Search Access Layer currently links SAP Query as a search tool that retrieves the relevant data from the back-end system according to the search query.

For more information, see Search Configuration.