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 Form-Fit-Function Class (FFF Class)


Grouping of fully interchangeable parts that have identical technical properties in terms of form, fit, and function.


An FFF class is used as a “link” to group fully interchangeable, inventory-managed manufacturer parts .


Every FFF class is represented in the system by a part with material type FFFC ( Form-Fit-Function Class ). This part contains the “header data” of the FFF class. Unlike interchangeable parts, the part representing the FFF class is not inventory-managed and cannot be procured. Therefore, a material master record has only a Basic Data view for this material type.

The FFF class is managed and determined within the system; you cannot see it.

Every FFF class is assigned to a manufacturer part profile that defines the FFF class properties, and indirectly, the properties of the parts grouped within it.

Note Note

A workflow definition in your system creates an FFF class and assigns a part to the FFF class subject to the material type of every part that you create. If necessary, you can activate this workflow. This means that you no longer have to create an FFF class.

For more information, see Automatic Creation of FFF Classes .

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You enter the NATO Stock Number (NSN) for the part that represents an FFF class to use the NSN to commonly identify interchangeable, inventory-managed manufacturer parts in Materials Management .