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  Sales Confirmation


A wholesaler’s report to the manufacturer to confirm the quantities of a particular material the wholesaler has sold per customer or per object over a specific period of time (reporting interval). Wholesalers can be bound to report the sales they have generated to the manufacturer. Sales can be reported in writing or by electronic media.

A confirmation in the Pendulum List component refers to the manual or automatic transfer of reported sales into the system as well as the check of the data records. You report the sales before you execute or schedule an update run in the system.


Wholesalers who do business with the manufacturer regularly receive a request (sales request) to report the sales that they have contracted to report (pendulum list).

Wholesalers enters their sales for each

  • Customer

  • Object

  • Assortment

  • Material

  • Reporting period

in the pendulum list and send it back to the manufacturer. Sales reports may also contain the sales of assortments or materials that the wholesaler is not bound to report. Wholesalers can state sales volumes per material instead of quantitative sales provided they have made a corresponding agreement with the manufacturer.

The Reporting interval and Period ID in the Request Data table define how often a wholesaler submits sales reports within a fiscal year (twice a year, for example).

The following parties can be committed to reporting sales:

  • Wholesaler

  • Sub-wholesalers

  • Customers

The Pendulum List Indirect Sales can consolidate reported data from several sales organizations on several levels (update). The Pendulum List Indirect Sales places the entered data in the structures of the Sales Information System (SIS) of the ERP system for reporting purposes.