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 Defining Number Ranges


The SAP system creates a numbered document for each posting in Controlling. The document numbers are unique in every controlling area as each number is only used once.


You define number ranges in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Controlling: Next navigation step General Next navigation step Organization Next navigation step Maintain Number Ranges for CO Documents End of the navigation path .

You can:

  • Create business transaction groups

  • Assign business transactions to business transaction groups

  • Maintain number range intervals for individual business transaction groups

  • Maintain number range intervals and number range statuses in the controlling area

Process Flow

You define number ranges in two steps:

  1. You create individual business transaction groups for each controlling area.

  2. You can, for example, group all planning transactions into a business transaction group and then assign it to a number range interval.

    You can also create a business transaction group for each business transaction if you require a greater level of detail for the number assignment. If this is the case, you make assignments to the number range on the business transaction level.

  3. Assign the business transaction groups to number range intervals .

This enables you to combine similar or related business transactions into one number range.

Example Example

If all planning transactions are grouped together, the system processes all the business transactions connected with planning in one number range.

The SAP system includes standard default assignments of business transactions to number ranges for controlling area 0001. You can copy these assignments to other controlling areas if you wish. You then only need to maintain the number ranges if you require other assignments or other number range groups.

End of the example.

The following graphic illustrates the steps required for defining number ranges.