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Procedure documentationStep 6: Create the Initial Screen


In this step you create an initial screen and add the UIBB provided by the Personal Information framework called HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION.

Note Note

This reuse UIBB handles the concurrent employment (CE) aspects, so that your reporting scenario will work in both CE and non-CE circumstances.

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The HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION component checks if CE is active in the system and if the current user is a CE employee (which means has more than one PERNR). If that is the case, the INITIAL_SCREEN generates a dialog box, allowing the user to enter one or other of his or her personnel numbers, and then to proceed to the next screen.

Note Note

For employees with only one PERNR, the INITIAL_SCREEN is automatically hidden and the component merely reads the PERNR based on the user data.

When redefining your feeder class method GET_DATA, at event LEAVE_INITIAL_SCREEN you should read the PERNR using the service class CL_HRESS_EMPLOYEE_SERVICES. This service provides the correct PERNR according to what the user selected (if CE) or simply as per the user data (for non-CE). See also code example in section Event LEAVE_INITIAL_SCREEN for Method GET_DATA).

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Whether you use concurrent employment or not, you must create the initial screen so that you handle PERNR correctly. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Place your cursor on ContentArea in the hierarchy on the left.

  2. Enter the ID and a title for the Initial Screen.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    SAP recommends you to use INITIAL_SCREEN as the ID for this content area.

    End of the recommendation.
  3. Set the Content Area Type to Initial Screen.

  4. Place your cursor on ContentArea in the hierarchy on the left, then choose Add UIBB.

  5. Choose the Attributes button of the UIBB inside the new content area for the initial screen.

  6. Enter the component HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION.

  7. Enter the view PERNR_SELECTION_MAIN.

  8. Choose Save.


You have successfully created the initial screen.

Note Note

This initial screen will not be seen by the user, unless the user has CE, since there is nothing for the end user to select or do. Without concurrent employment, this screen is automatically suppressed, you need not do anything to suppress it. This is taken care of automatically in this reuse component.

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