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 Payment Option


A payment option consists of one or more payment plan keys and specifications about the change that is permitted between these payment plan keys.

You can only assign one payment option to an insurance relationship.


The payment option decides which payment plan keys are available for you to use. You define a payment option (tab page Payment Plan) for every insurance relationship.


You define payment options in Customizing for Collections/Disbursements, under Start of the navigation path Payment Plans Next navigation step Define Payment Options End of the navigation path.

A payment option has the following characteristics:

Permitted payment plans

Payment plan keys, which you can switch between for an insurance relationship

Note Note

Only payment plan keys that have already been defined in Customizing can be assigned to a payment option.

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Permitted payment plan change

Define the following for each pair of payment plan keys that can be switched from/to:

  • A rule governing the date on which the change can take place

  • How documents from payment plan items are dealt with during reversal

  • Which charges are levied in the event of a change

Payment plan change activities

Activities that are be triggered by a payment plan change (for example, informing the customer about a change)

Note Note

Create own function modules for executing such activities.

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