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Background documentationConcurrent Employment Scenario


If an employee who has multiple personnel assignments, accesses a service from the Personal Profile application, he is prompted to select an assignment for which he wants to view or maintain his personal data. As per the selection, the employee can view or maintain his data for the specific assignment.

In case of Concurrent Employment, some of the personal data stored in infotypes may be valid for a specific assignment. Once the user has selected a personnel assignment, on the Personal Profile page and edit screen, the validity of the information with respect to the assignment is shown in both, the overview and detail screen. For more information, see Validity Section in Detail Screen.

Concurrent Employment Dialog Box

An Initial screen is the first screen to be loaded when the application is started. A central Web Dynpro component, HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION, is available to handle the Concurrent Employment related dialog box. This central component provides an interface view, PERNR_SELECTION_MAIN, which you can include as the initial screen user interface building block (UIBB) in your applications.

In order to use this service, include the PERNR_SELECTION_MAIN interface view of the HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION component n the application’s configuration (component configuration) as initial screen UIBB.

The Web Dynpro component provides the dialog box view, which is raised in case of Concurrent Employment. The initial screen launches the dialog box for an employee with multiple assignments.

In the standard delivery of the Personal Profile application the initial screen has been included by default.


This parameter is used in the Concurrent Employment scenario to filter out assignments belonging to a specific country. Setting this parameter to a specific country ensures that in the Concurrent Employment dialog box, only assignments are shown.


  • Concurrent Employment is enabled for the system which runs your application. For more information, see Enabling Concurrent Employment (CE).

  • The application is registered as a Concurrent Employment application via the V_T7XSSCE_GRP table view in Customizing for Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) under Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step Concurrent Employment (CE)/Global Employment (GE) Next navigation step Assign CE / GE Group Definition Settings to ESS Applications End of the navigation path.