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 Entering Issue Data


Recording the data of issued checks in Check Management.


Regardless of whether you create a check individually using Online Check Printing (SAP menu: Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Online Check Printing End of the navigation path ) or using the payment media run, the system automatically makes an entry in Check Management. The system makes this entry immediately after printing the check.

For checks that are numbered externally, a further activity is necessary before you can include the check information in Check Management. To transfer prenumbered checks from a payment run into Check Management, use the transaction Transfer Prenumbered Checks from Payment Run in the Check Management menu ( Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Transfer Payment Run End of the navigation path ). You can thereby assign the corresponding check numbers to the payment document numbers. (See also Assigning Prenumbered Checks to Payment Data )

You enter manually issued checks in the system in check lots for manual outgoing checks (SAP menu: Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Lots for Manual Outgoing Checks End of the navigation path ). The check details reported by the issuer are updated in Check Management when you post the lot.

In transaction FPCHO, you can also specify which prenumbered check forms were issued to which employees. In this way, you can support clarification work that may arise from the encashment.