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 Payment Plan and Payment Plan Key


The term Payment Plan means:

  • A functional area within the Collections/Disbursements system

  • The tab page for the insurance object-partner relationship, which contains specifications for the payment option, the payment plan key and other controlling parameters for payment plan items. This data forms part of the master data (DIMAIOBPAR table).

  • All payment plan items for an insurance relationship.

The payment plan key is a part of the payment plan data and defines the following:

  • How amounts set by payment plan items for an insurance relationship are distributed

  • How the system is to make changes to payment plan items

  • Whether the system is to post fees

  • Which additional activities are to be executed when posting or changing payment plan items.


Only one payment plan key can only be assigned to one insurance relationship within a period. An insurance relationship can have multiple payment plan keys for a sequence of periods, in case of payment plan changes for example. You can only select payment plan keys that you have assigned to the payment option in Customizing, which you have defined for the insurance relationship.


In order to define payment plan keys and assign parameters, in Customizing for Collections/Disbursements, choose Start of the navigation path Payment Plans Next navigation step Configuration of Payment Plans Next navigation step Define Payment Plans and Attributes End of the navigation path. A payment plan key in the Collections/Disbursements system consists of the following parameters for controlling the creation of open items:


Determines the following:

Payment plan key and text

Identification of the payment plan key in the system

Individual Distribution

If this flag is set, individual distribution takes place for the payment plan item

Method of payment

Rules for the number of, and due date of, payment plan subitems

Charge Schedule

Definition of the charge, which is due on the due date for a payment plan subitem

Procedure for amount changes

Rules governing distribution and due date of the difference between the original and the new amount

Smoothing specifications

Rules used to calculate equal payment plan subitems

You can define further parameters for individual payment plan keys:

  • Manual distribution: You set manual distribution if you want to create unequal payment plan subitems for the due dates.

  • Posting events: You can define function modules, which execute certain activities (correspondence creation, for example) for posting events.

  • Change events: You can define function modules, which execute certain activities (amount changes, for example) for change events.

    The delivery includes sample modules for posting events and change events.