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 Number of Deliveries (IDocs) per Transmission Number


A self-billing transmission must be split up by the EDI subsystem so that one GSVERF01 IDoc is created per delivery record (VDA record type 823 ( as used in the Table of Settings for Mapping in EDI Subsystem ).)

However, the system later processes and displays the transmission as one unit.


  • The sender of the transmission assigns an external transmission number (in the standard VDA 4908 as used in the Table of Settings for Mapping in EDI Subsystem , this is the record type 821)

  • Use of external transmission numbers must be indicated in the EDI Partner Parameters , under Settings in the Self-Billing Monitor.

  • The external transmission number must be entered in each IDoc created in the E1EDK02-BELNR segment/field with qualifier 074 .


Inbound processing sees that the sender (partner number in the IDoc control record) and the external transmission numbers are the same, and so recognizes that these individual IDocs logically belong together.

You can set the start of processing so that the system closes a transmission and begins processing the data when all IDocs for a transmission have been received. You do this in the Self-Billing Monitor, under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Maintain EDI Partner Parameters End of the navigation path .

However, this can only work if the EDI subsystem has a counter that shows how many IDocs belong to a particular transmission. The number of IDocs created for a transmission (for an external transmission number) must then be transferred to the IDoc segment field E1EDS01-SUMME with E1EDS01-SUMID = 028 . It is sufficient if the EDI subsystem enters this in the last IDoc transmitted.

These prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to directly link the verification and processing steps, as described in Processing Inbound Self-Billing Documents .

Alternatively, you can use a fixed offset to schedule the processing step after the first IDoc created the transmission.