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An organizational unit serving to subdivide an enterprise according to production, procurement, maintenance, and materials planning aspects. It is a place where either materials are produced or goods and services provided.


The preferred shipping point for a plant is defined as the default shipping point, which depends on the shipping condition and the loading condition.

For the placement of materials in storage (stock put-away), a storage location is assigned to a plant. The storage location depends on the storage condition and the placement situation.

The business area that is responsible for a plant is determined as a function of the division. As a rule, a valuation area corresponds to a plant.


A plant can assume a variety of roles:

  • As a maintenance plant, it includes the maintenance objects that are spatially located within this plant. The maintenance tasks that are to be performed are specified within a maintenance planning plant.

  • As a retail or wholesale site, it makes merchandise available for distribution and sale.

A plant can be subdivided into storage locations, allowing stocks of materials to be broken down according to predefined criteria (for example, location and materials planning aspects).

A plant can be subdivided into locations and operational areas. Subdivision into locations takes geographical criteria into account, whereas subdivision into operational areas reflects responsibilities for maintenance.


All data that is valid for a particular plant, as well as for the storage locations belonging to it, is stored at plant level. This includes, for example, MRP data and forecast data.