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  Editing Incorrect Customer and Object Master Data


You use this procedure to edit customer and object master data records that the system has identified as incorrect during the automatic import.

The system stores incoming correct data records with the key of the higher-level maintaining sales organization. When the system discovers errors or inconsistencies during the automatic import of data, it labels the corresponding data record as incorrect. The system does not update these data records.

You can edit data records that have been identified as incorrect. You can subsequently assign them to the higher-level maintaining sales organization and store them.


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose:

    Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Pendulum List Indirect Sales Next navigation step Conversion Data Next navigation step Automatic Entry Next navigation step Erroneous Data End of the navigation path .

    The Initial Screen Correction Master Data screen appears.

  2. Enter the necessary data.

    You can make a selection below the Sales Organization field by entering selected values in the following fields:

    o Distribution Channel

    o Division

    o Wholesalers

  3. To go to the detail screen, choose Edit .

The Edit Incorrect Master Records screen appears.

The system displays the status of the check.

Green traffic light: You can still check this data record.

Red traffic light: You cannot check this data record any more.

When you choose Check on/off, you can alter the status of the check. If you do not want to check data for their plausibility, choose Checks off .


You can add missing customer or object master data or replace incorrect data.