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 Central Relationship Data


You use control tables to specify whether attributes can be maintained for a relationship category.

To date, it has been set as standard that attributes can be maintained for the contact person relationship and shareholder relationship.

You can use the following data and functions, which you can process in the dialog as follows:

Contact Person Relationship

Contact Person: General Data

You can specify a VIP indicator for the business partner.

You can also enter data on the department, function and power of attorney of the business partner, as well as free text as a comment.

Address Data

In addition to telephone and fax numbers, and email address, you can also enter address details such as company department and name of function as user-defined text. If a company’s address is maintained, you can assign it.

Address Overview

You can view the address data of the contact person in the Address Overview.

You can also change the assignment of the firm’s address, and assign additional firms’ addresses (if, for example, the business partner has an office in several locations).

Address Print Preview

This shows you the address of the contact person in the print preview.

Business hours

You can enter the times a contact person can be visited or called. The business hours are integrated into the relationship maintenance for this purpose.

Shareholder Relationship

Shareholding Data

You can specify the shareholding percentage as well as the actual amount, together with the currency.

With the Control indicator you can state whether it is a controlling interest on the basis of a controlling agreement or key shareholding.

A controlling interest is not strictly limited to one business partner. For example, if two business partners each hold an interest of 50%, both can have a controlling interest.

Note Note

If you have specified an own relationship category (see Extensibility ), you can define attribute maintenance for this relationship category.

End of the note.