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 The +/- Sign in SD Self-Billing


The values for SD self-billing, item net value and item value-added tax, can be transmitted either as positive or negative values.


This determines the type of processing as follows:

  • Positive value: The recipient of the self-billing document receives money from the sender

  • Negative value: The recipient of the self-billing document is debited by the amount transmitted (“debit memo”).

You must therefore make sure that these values are transferred to the corresponding IDoc field with the correct +/- sign. The GSVERF01 IDoc has no specific +/- sign field . The +/- sign is always read together with the value fields (such as E1EDP26-BETRG.)

The +/- sign for the standard VDA 4908 (as used in the Table of Settings for Mapping in EDI Subsystem example):

As a rule, VDA 4908 value fields all refer to a specific +/- sign field, that contains the appropriate +/- sign key. Therefore, a value always has to be processed along with its +/- sign information.

+ + sign (VDA +/- sign key 1)

=> the value is transferred to the IDoc segment field with no further editing

- - sign (VDA +/- sign key 2)

=> the value is transferred with preset minus sign to the appropriate IDoc segment field


Transmitted values

Data as written in IDoc

Net value of item: 100,20 ($)


+/- sign: 2 (negative)


Note Note

Make sure that all monetary values are saved with the correct +/- sign as the monitor also displays other monetary values such as value-added tax and condition rates.

End of the note.