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 Prerequisites for Intercompany Business Processing

Certain prerequisites must be met before you can process intercompany sales.

The following data must be defined in Customizing for Sales by your system administrator:

  • If you need to use the intercompany billing document, billing type IV must be maintained and assigned to the relevant sales document types

  • Output type RD04 is used to enable intercompany billing to carry out posting to vendor account or invoice entry. In the standard system, billing type IV is assigned to output procedure V40000, which contains this output type.

For information on setting up intercompany billing, see the online Implementation Guide .

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Billing type IG is used for internal credit memos.

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  • For condition records used in intercompany sales processing, one of the following condition types must be maintained:

  • PI01 (fixed amount per material unit)

  • PI02 (percentage of the net invoice amount)

  • Permissible combinations of plant and sales organization must be defined

  • Sales area data (sales organization, distribution channel, and division) must be assigned to each plant that participates in intercompany sales processing

  • You must also create the following Sales master data:

  • A customer master record for intercompany billing ; this must be assigned to the ordering company code.

  • Condition records for intercompany billing for every permissible combination of plant and sales organization