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This business card (biz card) of the Personal Profile service enables employees to display and maintain their data from the Bank Details infotype (0009). Employees’ bank details are used for bank transfers from payroll and to reimburse travel expenses. The Bank Information biz card comprises the bank information types Main Bank, Travel Expenses, and Other Bank.

In the overview screen, employees can display an overview of their current bank data. In the detail screen, they can enter or change bank information for the bank transfer from payroll, for travel expenses from travel expense management, and for special purposes such as transfer of a part of their salary to an account other than their main bank account. This amount can be specified either as an absolute amount or as a percentage of the salary.

The following localizations are available for Bank Information:

Note Note

For employees that are employed in countries where no localization is available, the international overview screen and detail screen are displayed. The international overview screen and detail screen are maintained as a part of component configuration HRESS_CC_PER_OVP. For more information, see HRESS_CC_PER_OVP.

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