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 Monetary Values in SD Self-Billing


The system uses exclusively the net value of the delivery note item for processing. All other transmitted values are ignored for self-billing processing.

The only other significant monetary value transmitted is the value-added tax amount .


Effect on EDI settings

The net value of the delivery note item must be transferred to the IDoc segment/field E1EDP26-BETRG with qualifier 003 .

The value-added tax amount is adopted from E1EDP04-MWSBT and stored internally.

Effect on processing/display in the Self-Billing Monitor

The Self-Billing Monitor displays values based on the net value of the delivery note item.

The Self-Billing Monitor displays the gross amount (value inc. tax), which is dynamically calculated from the net item value and the value-added tax amount.

No values transmitted at delivery note header level are used in the SD self-billing processing. All such header values as are displayed in the Self-Billing Monitor and lists are calculated from the values at delivery note item level.