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 Copying Requirements


Using requirements in copying control, you can specify how a sales document is to be billed with regard to requirements.


You define the copying requirements in copying control. Controlling is carried out in SD Customizing via Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation step Billing documents Next navigation step Maintain copying control for billing documents, End of the navigation path Navigation Header and Item, field : Copying requirement .

If you want to define a copying requirement as a data transfer routine, enter this in field: VBRK/VBRP.


You can determine copying requirements for:

  • the header

  • items

You can, for instance, call sales document data on:

  • Billing status

  • Billing block

  • Pricing status

  • Completeness

With the requirements in copying control, you can call up data in master records, for example data on whether a billing block exists in a customer master record.

You can also specify your own requirements as data transport routines. In this way, you can determine whether terms of payment are to be copied from the customer master instead of the sales document.