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Function documentationEnabling Emergency Address


The Emergency Address business card (biz card) and edit page are added in the personal profile component configuration. The Emergency Address biz card is hidden by default and you can use this function to enable it in your system.


Enable the Emergency Address Biz Card

The Emergency Address biz card is hidden for all countries in the standard application configuration controller’s (AppCC) configuration (HRESS_CC_PER_CONFIG). For country version 99, the Addresses (0006) infotype and the property value for configuration HRESS_CC_PER_OVR_EMRG_ADDRESS_XX are set to “Hide”. To enable emergency address, change the AppCC configuration property value to “Do Not Hide”.

Remove Emergency Address Records from the Address Biz Card

By default, the Address biz card shows all configured subtype data including emergency address. To remove emergency address records in the HRESS_CC_PER_OVR_ADDRESS_XX component configuration, set the Exclude Subtype feeder parameter value to 4.

More Information

For more information, see Emergency Address.