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SAP ECC 6.00 and higher


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SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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This service enables employees to check their time credits, such as leave and time-off entitlements. It provides them with the necessary information they need to plan their leave. It also provides information about the deduction periods in their time accounts. Depending on the business processes you use to manage your employee's time data, you can display information from time accounts of various different data sources.


You use SAP Time Management to manage your employees’ time data.

  • You have made the necessary Customizing settings for these services. For more information, see Customizing for Personnel Management under Start of the navigation path Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) Next navigation step Service-Specific Settings Next navigation step Working Time Next navigation step Time Accounts End of the navigation path.


This service enables you to output time accounts from the following sources:

  • The Attendance Quotas infotype (2007)

  • The Absence Quotas infotype (2006)

  • Absence quotas and time types as time evaluation results from cluster B2.

  • The transparent table PTQUODED (Deduction of Time Quotas)

  • Data from the request database: depending on the Customizing settings, you can include leave requests that have not yet been approved when you calculate the remaining absence entitlement.

  • Data from the Leave Entitlement infotype (0005)

The BAdI, BAdI:Enhancements for Leave Requests (PT_ABS_REQ) uses the function module HR_GET_QUOTA_DATA to determine the time accounts. The BAdI enables you to read this function module with particular parameters. In the standard implementation of the BAdI, the system determines time accounts as follows:

  • It reads attendance quotas from the Attendance Quotas infotype (2007).

  • Absence quotas:

    • For employees who participate in Time Evaluation, (Time Management Status is unequal to 0 in the Planned Working Time infotype (0007))

      • Up to the Retroactive Accounting Date BDE (Payroll Status infotype (0003)): absence quota data from cluster B2 if the key date is later than this date.

      • For times after the Retroactive Accounting Date BDE: data from the Absence Quotas infotype (2006) if the key date is later than the retroactive accounting date.

      • If the cluster table has not been filled because you have not implemented the QUOTA function: absence quota data from the Absence Quotas infotype (2006).

    • For employees who do not participate in Time Evaluation, (Time Management Status is equal to 0 in the Planned Working Time infotpye (0007)), the system reads absence quota data from the Absence Quotas infotype (2006).

      Note Note

      If you want to display Time Types from the cluster or data from the Leave Entitlement infotype (0005), you can use other methods of the BAdI, BAdI:Enhancements for Leave Requests (PT_ABS_REQ) to provide data for this service. For more information, see the BAdI documentation using transaction SE18.

      End of the note.

If you use Time Evaluation, employees can also check their expected future leave entitlement. To do this, employees enter a key date in the future. Time Evaluation simulates the entitlement that is expected on this key date. This is particularly useful if at your company you periodically accrue leave entitlement according to the time that employees have worked.

Note Note

For more information, see Simulation and Projection of Time Evaluation Results.

End of the note.
  • You can use this application in various services:

    • As a standalone service, View Time Account Balances. You can use it in the following situations:

      • In addition to the time accounts in the Leave Request application, you want to provide a separate service for displaying time accounts.

      • You do not use the Leave Request application but you want to provide your employees with a service that gives them information about their current time accounts.

    • As part of the Leave Request application. Employees can expand the application as and when they need to use it.

    • As part of the Leave Request Approval application. Time accounts can be used to evaluate a leave request.

  • View Time Account Balances enables employees to check not only their current entitlement, but also past or future entitlements.

  • In the standalone application, time accounts are displayed in relation to a particular key date and for a specific quota. Employees can select the key date and the quota that is to be displayed in the service. Alternatively, they can obtain an overview of all their time accounts. Quotas are displayed for each deduction period.

    In the Leave Request application, all time accounts are displayed that can be deducted on the current date.

  • The standard system provides employees with the following information from quota management:

    • Existing attendance and absence quotas

    • Deduction period

    • Total entitlement

    • Remaining entitlement

If required, you can show additional fields by making the relevant settings in Customizing for Web Dynpro interfaces. To determine which additional fields exist, see the Test Report for UIA Interface for Leave Requests report (RPTARQUIATEST).

  1. If the system is enabled for processing Concurrent Employment:

    • In the standalone service, View Time Account Balances the employee can see the quota details of all personnel assignments.

    • Additionally, the standard system provides employees with the following information from quota management:

      Multiple assignment (Shared Quota): this indicates whether an absence quota is shared across a person’s assignments.